Tamil Tv Show Weekend With Stars

Weekend With Stars  Tamil TV SHOWS on Zee Tamil

Weekend with Stars is an Indian-Tamil language talk show which gets aired on Zee Tamil. The genre of the show is the Talk Show. This serial firstly started airing on 30th April 2017 and ended on 23rd July 2017. The Running time of the show is 55-60 minutes approximately and the total number of episodes is 13. The Production Company of the show is RM Association and the director of the show is Madan Singh.

This show is presented for the achievers who have been at a top post and the story of there life is been told. They discuss their achievements and at times when they failed and how they overcome their life problems. The achievers are basically from Tamil-Nadu itself. For the participants, there is a surprise also in which a member of there family joins them in the show.