Tamil Tv Show Vidiyal Raagam

Vidiyal Raagam Tamil TV SHOWS on Isaiaruvi TV

Plato compared the music to the moral law. He believed that music gave soul to the universe, flight to the imagination, wings to the mind and charisma and merriment to life and everything that surrounds. Music, undoubtedly, uplifts us all. It is a channel via which emotions of various kinds get transferred. It holds the power of switching our mood patterns in the flick on an eye. It is that dimension of art which enables us to express via sounds. It acts like a spa therapy and soothes one's mind.

It aids in rejuvenation and exfoliation. It strengthens us to break away all chains and experience harmony combined with higher happiness. Music takes away the small plus gigantic speckles of dust that cover our soul. It inspires us to live a life of a higher nature. The musical notes bring forth strings of joy, which are otherwise, difficult to experience. What music makes us feel is not that simple to express. Lyrical chords swiftly lift us and take us to a garden of absolute beauty and serenity. People, whether young or old; men or women, evidently connect to music.

All of us, deep within, have a song that we sing to ourselves. A song which we unconsciously set up a link. Our movies too, largely like our life, are incomplete without music. The show Vidiyal Raagam follows the same patterns. Vidiyal, in Tamil, means dawn, and Raagan stands for rhythm. Thus, the name of the show in itself is ample to describe what it has in store for the audience. This show airs at 6 a.m. and helps us all begin our day enchanted by melodies.

The makers of the show try to bring forth back-to-back songs which are powerful enough to fill a person's day with positive energy. Such a beautiful gesture! This show, is basically, a reservoir of Indian pious, classical music. It broadcasts for an hour every morning and fills in the air of tranquillity. It is a part of Isaiaruvi TV's shows. This channel is a dwelling of Tamil music and a part of the in-demand Kalaignar TV network. It has become the favourite spot for those who adore Tollywood music. 

The channel extends towards the audience Tamil music spanning several genres, including folk music, pop, classical hits and golden hits from retro years. The channel is also home to shows like Innisai, KuttuPathu, Thulal Isai Live, MelliyaPoongatru, Isai Vanakkam Coming Soon >> Read More... , Isai Thendral Live and ArumbugalukkuAnbuVazhthu.