Tamil Tv Show Vidiyal Puthithu

Vidiyal Puthithu Tamil tv-shows on RAJ TV

There are a few shows to which general middle class families can relate. Famous Indian film and stage director 'Vedham Puthithu Kannan' and producer 'K. Balachander' came up with a brilliant show “Vidiyal Puthithu” which connected to millions of families because of its simplicity and strong relatable story. Vedham Puthithu Kannan has won a lot of awards including Mylapore Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement and is known for rooting social reform messages in his stories and Vidiyal Puthithu is one of the best examples. It aired in 2012 on Raj TV.

The creation of all the characters of the show is done so beautifully that the audience used to connect with them astoundingly. The story revolves around Sugavanam and Laxmi, who are a middle class couple residing in a joint family. Both the characters are poles apart from each other. Sugavanam is a benevolent man who believes that family comes at the top. He is an emotional person, whereas Laxmi is a bit more realistic and ideologist. She is a practical woman. Sugavanam is always ready to help others without thinking of his own condition. Due to this helping nature of his, other family members used to manipulate him for the sake of relations.

Laxmi could see the evil and wickedness in the family and always suggested Sugavanam to save more for him but he could not change his basic nature, his family members were always his priority.
But creators bring an unexpected turn in the show when Laxmi’s health deteriorates because of blockage in her heart. All these years, Sugavanam has helped his family members in every situation but he saw the table turning as now Sugavanam needs help from his family members.

At first, the family members refuses to help Sugavanam which shocks him as he was always there for his family and hoped that they would also help him. When all his hopes were lost and he could not do anything except cursing his fate, his family members realize the wrong they were doing and then together as a family they bring back Laxmi to the house. The show has a beautiful ending with the family uniting together and giving out a powerful message. We hope that Vedham Puthithu Kannan keeps on creating such brilliant shows to spread these moral values which are eloping in today’s world.