Tamil Tv Show Vetti Pechu

Vetti Pechu Tamil tv-shows on Sun Music

Vetti Pechu is a Tamil comedy show which used to air on Sun TV. It is a comedy show which is similar to the hit English comedy series ‘Whose Line Is It Anyways?’. There are four people who sit on the set and crack jokes about various serious situations which has kept the whole country on its toes.

The show starts with the hosts discussing the current situation in the state. They then give solutions about how to solve them. The show takes place on a set which is located in Chennai. They sit on four white sofa chairs with a table in front. It is a competition which is called Vetti Pechu League. In this league, the four anchors have to try their best to make others and the audience laugh.

The person who manages to make others laugh the most number of times is declared to be the winner. There are many rounds to start of with. First is the current events round. They are given a topic which is currently hot in the media. They have to try to convey a moral message to the public in the funniest way possible. They can insult each other and nobody would care, as the other guy will insult him back in the next round.

Our country offers us the freedom of speech which is a fundamental right, which gives us the freedom to be critical about anybody. The panel of comedians criticise the people responsible for an event. There are also requests which are sent to them by their beloved fans. It is up to them whether they will listen to the request or not. It is one of the popular shows which has ever aired on Sun TV.

It used to be aired on weekends and it ran for over five years, airing more than five hundred episodes in the process. The last episode was aired in 2011. Since then many shows gave tried to fill the void which has been present in Sun TV. The jokes are amazing, they don't insult a personality, unlike many other shows in which do, and kids can watch them without always asking parents the meaning of something which is being spoken.

Sometimes there is also a serious talk. It all depends on the state of mind of the people of the country, whether they can take something in a light manner or not. If you can understand Tamil, then it is a must watch. You can catch the episodes on YouTube as these are no longer being aired on TV.