Tamil Tv Show Veetu Kurippugal

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Veetu Kuripuggal is a Tamil TV show which airs on Kailagnar TV. It airs weekly from Monday to the end of the weekdays, Friday at 6:30 PM. It has a runtime of thirty minutes. It is quite popular among housewives. It began airing in 2013, and it since had over six hundred fifty episodes and is still among the audience’s favourite show. There is no certain host of the show. Since the day it began airing, it has had many hosts. The host of the show talks about the various problems people face in their daily lives. It speaks about the household problems and how to deal with it. It talks about the work difficulties people are experiencing, and how to handle those. If you are having a difficulty and have no idea how to fix it, then this is your go to show. There are many grievances faced by us in our houses. Sometimes there is no electricity, the bathroom door can't be locked, there's no water to bath with, and many other problems are discussed here, and a simple guide on how to solve these problems.

Veetu Kurippugal mainly focuses on the lives of the middle income families. These are the people who can't replace everything, mostly because they don't have enough money to do so. If something breaks down, instead of replacing it, they will try to fix it. After many tries when they realise that it can't be fixed, it is then they decide to buy a new one. Whereas the rich, don't try to fix it. As soon as the thing breaks, they will get it replaced. More than ninety percent of the population is in the middle or lower sectors of the economy. The show provides appealing knowledge to the likes of more than ninety percent of the population. Theoretically, this should make the show quite famous.

The show seems to be aiming for a target of a thousand episodes. The show starts with the host talking about the current affairs. Then she listens to a caller and offers them her advice. At the end of the show, she gives a moral advice to the audience. The Government of Tamil Nadu, has praised the show for its longevity. The evening time slot, is an odd timing but, the faithful audience will watch it no matter at what time it is telecasted. It is like watching your favourite team's matches.