Tamil Tv Show Veedu Manaivi Makkal

Veedu Manaivi Makkal Tamil tv-shows on Kalaingar TV



Veedu Manaivi Makkal is a Tamil language show broadcasted on the channel Kalainagar TV . The title when translated means 'Housewife'. The hosts for the show are Archana and Badava Gopi. The show is meant for the entertainment of the whole family. The first episode of the show aired in October 2013. The show most commonly features actors and actresses from the world of TV. Archana is known for her the erstwhile role played by her on the show ' Comedy Time' on Sun TV as an anchor. Badava Gopi, on the other hand, has appeared in different roles in Tamil movies and has been a Radio Jockey as well.

The two adds flair to the show, with their enthusiastic hosting and their skills to keep the audience engrossed. The program features several celebrity couples, who appear with their families. There have been twelve couples chosen. These couples have been selected either from the world of television or film, where their fame is widespread. The couples include Sai Prashanth, who later committed suicide. The husband from each couple is given a specific task to complete and his skill in doing so is rewarded. The objective is to give the wife a break from regular household chores, and instead have the husband do them. These chores may include cooking, cleaning and many other jobs.

The children too are included in the show as they stay at home and observe their fathers at work. The women, in the meantime, enjoy some amount of leisure time outside of the houses and take advantage of the vacation-like opportunity they are given. The show is special as it puts a more relatable face on celebrities that one can commonly see on both the small and the big screens. We see that celebrities too have to take care of their households like the rest of us, and they too struggle to do so. It also lets us have a glimpse into their lives, and makes us realize that they are not so different. It is also enjoyable as we get to see them allow humorous takes on their lives, such as watching the men of the household cook and such.