Tamil Tv Show Vazhakku(Crime Story)

Vazhakku(Crime Story) Tamil TV SHOWS on Thanthi TV

Vazhakku is a TV show aired on Thanthi TV. It is all about crime stories. Different crime stories covered in each episode are usually real incidents. The target audience of this TV series is people of all age groups. Human beings are hungry animals who always desire for wealth. We are never satisfied with what we have, we always long for more and our wants never fulfilled.

The human brain is greedy. It leads to people choosing wrong paths for luxury and wealth. They forget that money earned in a wrong way is always temporary and unlikely to bring happiness in their life. Though they become plush, they are always under a mental pressure. A man who earns by hardworking always has a peaceful sleep at the end of the day, whereas those who not, lack sleep. Each episode brings out the cruelty of people, their psychology and how our police system is completely capable and acknowledged for finding out the real criminals.

Different stories about a man stabbing someone or a girl raped or theft are common topics touched in the episodes. This show covers not only adults but also teenagers and college going students. For example, a show aired on 10th November 2016 showed a story of a student studying in 11th standard, who commits suicide. They give out the shocking reason behind his risky step towards death and also explains the causes and reasons that affect child mentality. Another example of a college student stabbing the building contractor to death shocked the viewers

. Some women victims were addressed in some episodes. A hard hitting incident took place in Perungalathur, where a women's throat was slit by estranged man. This episode is aired on 26th December, 2016. Also, an incident where a woman was beaten brutally for jewelry that she succumbed to death, shocked everyone and it was brought to light in the 15 December episode. Equal number of men and women are found guilty. For example, a pregnant wife who was arrested for the murder of her husband. How can women who gives birth to new life be responsible for taking someone's life?

At the end of each episode, the police inspectors describe what challenges they faced and how they were successful in putting the criminal behind bars. This TV series has an appreciable viewership. It can be because people are always interested in something mysterious and unusual. It grabs the attention of a majority of the crowd.