Tamil Tv Show Vanga Sirikalam

Vanga Sirikalam  Tamil TV SHOWS on Kalaignar Sirippoli

Vanga sirikalam ls a Tamil show aired live on Adithya TV; the duration of this program is an hour . It’s a live show. It has laughter in each and every scene. In this show where people calls and the host of the show receive these calls and speaks to the caller, these callers are asked to mimic different amusement. Where there are other shows with their depressing scripts and senseless screenplays this show promises an hour of funniest comedy .

Laughter - the best medicine ever given to mankind, has its symbol in this exact program. Vanga Sirikalam is a very funny comedy program. It is an hour assembly of hysterical comedy. Hilarious scenes, varying from the entertaining to the pleasantry, make the day even more an enjoyable day.

This show is aired from Monday to Saturday every morning 8:00 to 9:00; an hour of entertaining comedy can uplift your mood and make your whole day wonderful. This show is hosted by many hosts but one such host is Sharmila Thapa, handful of female anchors who hosts shows on comedy channels.

While the anchors are likely to be good with their talks, Sharmila would have been the last person to be anchor of such a show as she hails from Nepal and didn’t know anything in Tamil when she came to Chennai. ,But her genuine efforts to master the language made her one of the most popular Tamil anchors. Sharmila, who has been anchor since 2013 expressed that this show is a combination of laughter and comedy and it would uplift your day. If you are a fan of good humour and non-stop comedy you should definitely watch this show.