Tamil Tv Show Valai Sirippu

Valai Sirippu Tamil tv-shows on ADITHYA TV

"Valai Sirippu" is a Tamil language TV show. The TV show has been telecasted by Adithya TV. Adithya TV is a Tamil language comedy channel. The show had been telecasted in 2017. "Valai Sirippu" is a comedy TV show. The show is hosted by two hosts; Akalya Venktesan and, Doubt Senthil. The TV show is a new type of comedy with a new concept. "Valai Sirippu" runs for an hour from 5 PM to 6 PM. Akalya Venktesan and, Doubt Senthil are both comedians and do a wonderful job on this set. Both hosts, in every episode connect social media to television through the medium of comedy. The two of them collect all the trending updates from the internet and, make fun of it during the show. They not only collect information from websites on internet but get a lot of data from social media.

The two of them dig out new, trending, debatable and, hot topics from social sites like Facebook and Twitter. They skim through the trends on these sites, ready every update and collect everything that is interesting. Their discussion or comedy could be on any topic trending from political ministers to sports persons, actors and actresses, food, daily life, worldwide interesting subjects, new trends in the market and many other such topics. Akalya Venktesan and, Doubt Senthil both start the show by welcoming the audience to their laughter session. They then get into the topic of the day by making a joke on it. Then they start the comical and, funny discussion on their chosen topics. Their jokes are like memes created on the internet regarding something that is trending.

The show doesn’t include special comedy clips but it's all about the informal joking and, funny discussions among the two hosts of the show. Both of them use language which is relatable and modern for the younger generation. The audience loved watching the comedy by Akalya Venktesan and, Doubt Senthil. The jokes are sometimes picked from Social Media sites to make them more relatable. The show brings into light some of the bigger issues affecting the world and the audience loves it.