Tamil Tv Show Vaal Post

Vaal Post  Tamil TV SHOWS on JAYA TV

Vaal post is an Indian Television show which is being telecast in the Tamil language. This program is being aired on Jaya TV on every Saturday at 6 PM and 11 PM and at 7:30 PM on every Sunday on Jaya Plus. The first episode of this show was aired on March 12, 2016. Vaal Post is a Tamil political satire show which is being hosted by Divya Vignesh. The show is about the latest political updates being shown in an ironic and sarcastic manner. The host of this show relates the recent political developments to their impact on the people and how they have responded to them. The episode starts with host giving the latest or trending political news. The show has three segments; the first one includes the anchor telling about the latest news and memes from various social networking sites, the second parts includes different video clips and the final one is about different people and their details.

In the first segment, the host shows some jokes and memes on the latest development works done by the government and their effect on the people and their reviews. It shows how the people have responded to it in a sarcastic manner. The jokes and memes include those from some of the top social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, whats app and much more. It gives a satirical review of the local government updates and their impact. The second segment includes some videos of the public telling their opinion about the development measures taken, their effect on the people and how far they have benefited them. It shows people speaking on how the recent updates have changed and influenced their lives either in a positive or negative way.

The third segment of this show is ‘Ivarai Theriyuma’ which means ‘do you know them.’ The last part shows information about various people in a different manner which includes their false name, their pet name, how they rose to fame, the scams they have done, the political and financial background etc. All this information is provided in a sarcastic manner. Along with all these information, the host also makes some scornful review on the political news and statements made by the politicians from the newspaper and some comments on the social media. The host also gives his review about them. This show has succeeded in making people aware of the political measures, how far they have changed the things in society and to how much extent they are being employed for people’s welfare.