Tamil Tv Show V Voice

With a lot of humor, gimmicks, and healthy camaraderie, Vendhar TV presents a non-fiction singing show V Voice It is a delightful weekend show for the audience who are music fans. Almost all the contestants on the show V Voice were vibrant and young. But this show focused on voice and not on chronology. The judges themselves were brilliant in their fields and complemented each other on the show. Andrea, Naresh Iyer, and Prasanna comprised the umpiring trio of V Voice. For a contestant to perform on par with all their talents, it is very important to make them feel comfortable and relaxed on stage. The judge's panel does it in a very beautiful way and energizes each contestant before their performance.

They highlight their good points before giving them the points and also tell them what they have to work more on. Prasanna seems to be a little flirty, casual, and a bit witty. But behind this frontage is a talented musician who is rather strict while giving points. When he begins to give his comments, it is quite difficult to understand where it would lead. He could start by complimenting the contestant, twist a little, and unexpectedly land on a note that could make the contestant either think or smile. Andrea on the other side is humble and soft-spoken. Naresh is quite amiable. His warm smile and kind words are a morale boosting for the contestants. After proper consultation, the three judges give their points. There were two weeks of the show "Thaarumaaru Round", where there was no elimination, no marking, and just music for enjoyment and fun.

The voice trainer Shyamala gave valuable suggestions to the contestants respective of their voice scale. The show V Voice opens up with two hosts. After a while, there was only one anchor left, Chitra. The talent of the contestants on V Voice takes the audience on a tour of glittering voices. Aradhana Balaji's orchestra is a lending support to the outstanding sound of the performers. The set of the show is sometimes a bit loud from certain angles. In one of the recent episodes of the show, a contestant made an impressive entry. Nikita started her solo performance behind a white curtain as a silhouette. She came out with confidence in a black and white ensemble. The auditions of Vendhar TV'S V Voice took place in various districts in Tamil Nadu, such as Trichy, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tirunelveli, etc.