Tamil Tv Show Ungalil Oruthi

Ungalil Oruthi  Tamil TV SHOWS on Thanthi TV

Long gone are the days, when only men lead in all the spheres, and women were restrained at there homes to do only household chores. The time changes, and with time, the societal stereotypical approach between the roles of men and women do change. The women of today’s generation are moving forward and succeeding in their respective fields of careers. Some famous women like astronaut Kalpana Chawla, Justice M. Fathima Beevi and boxer Mary Kom are such examples.

A Tamil TV show, Ungalil Oruthi airing on Thanthi TV is an inspirational show expressing the stories of some brilliant women, who had made a remarkable place for them in the society. The show has shown stories of successful women like writer Santhakumari Sivakadatcham, Dr. Vasudha Prakash and, many others. The show inspires women to take a stand for themselves and achieve something with a great deal of effort. The show encourages women who are tied with the shackles of stereotypical society, to not give up and fulfill their ambitions.