Tamil Tv Show Unavum Unmaiyum

Unavum Unmaiyum  Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Unavum Unmaiyum is a lifestyle and health show that airs on ‘Vendhar TV’. The show is aired in ‘Tamil’, and it forms the part of the channel’s daily morning program called ‘Puthum Puthu Kalai’. Apart from Unavum Unmayum, the show also has ‘ Yogam Nalla Yogam’, an astrology show, ‘Maruthilla Maruthuvam’, a yoga show and ‘Bokwa Fitness’, a fitness and workout show.

The show has various segments apart from these which are not aired frequently. Unavu Unmayum is a health show that is based on food and its impact on health. The show is based on the premise that the kind of food you eat impacts your health in long-term as well as short-term.

Food apart from being a source of energy and nutrition also manipulates various components of our body which can be the difference between a healthy life and a disease-prone lifestyle. As such, the kind of food you eat is considered an important factor and it can be the easiest way to avoid ailments and live healthily. In an effort to help the viewers, the show has Dr. G Sivaraman on the show as the host who is an Ayurveda specialist and operates two hospitals and the Arogya Healthcare in Chennai.

He is renowned for his knowledge of Ayurveda. Ayurveda also talks about the close relationship between food and health and as such Dr. Sivaraman can provide his expertise and knowledge to viewers and help them. Each episode of the show Dr. Sivaraman is in a natural setting as he talks about various topics. During the segment, Dr. Sivaraman covers all of the aspects of the topic, its advantages, and precautions, if any. Many times, Dr. Sivaraman talks about a particular food item.

Sivaraman then talks about the importance of the item according to Ayurveda, its uses, and advantages, benefits, and precautions people should use. He also talks about the best ways to consume them. Apart from this, Sivaraman also gives time to other issues – making kids eat healthier, achieving a balance in your diet and the Ayurveda’s perspective of food. As the season changes, so do the food habits, and Dr. Sivaraman speaks on the changing seasons and how people should change their food habits.

The special food items on various festivals and occasions are also discussed. The show is short and concise enough but does not leave out the important stuff. Since people do not have enough time, the show’s short running time allows people to learn about their health and have to not miss out on their work.