Tamil Tv Show Ulaga Thirai

Ulaga Thirai Tamil TV SHOWS on VASANTH TV

Ulaga Thirai is a Tamil TV serial which is telecast on Vasanth TV on Sundays. It is a show based data on documentaries about things from all over the world. It in an one hour episode, filled with knowledge and excitement. Things and places from around the world are shown in a creative manner. There are many documentary shows on other channels, like on DD National and the other national television travel shows in the country, and Ulaga Thirai is no different. They not only air knowledge about our state, they almost do research on cultures around the world and showcase it to us.

They traveled to Australia to capture the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroos and other ingenious animals. They showed an episode about Sydney and all the other great cities in the country. They talked about what it feels like to live there, how can a foreigner come and adjust to its culture etc.

A few episodes are based on the various kinds of food across the world. They are for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The local people are interviewed in their local language which is later dubbed into Tamil. It shows the way in which major festivals across the world are being celebrated. Japan's culture is different from that of Australia’s, and hence, the manner in which they celebrate their festivals is also different. This helps us to understand various cultural differences.

In Europe, there are practically no borders separating two countries. Belgium and The Netherlands are distinguished by a line drawn on the road. Whereas, USA and Mexico, or India and Pakistan, are separated by a large border, which is heavily guarded. In India too, there's a lot of difference between the cultures of two states. Tamil Nadu and Delhi, although are part of the same country, they are poles apart in their values and customs. These differences are what makes a state unique, and it is a pleasure to document it and telecast it on regional television.