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Ramanujar is a historical Tamil soap opera based on the story of Vishnu devotee and Acharya, Ramanujar or Ramanuja himself. This show was not just about Ramanujan’s life, but also about his key contributions to the Hindu religion. Ramanuja was a Hindu scholar, thinker, and a standout amongst the Sri Vaishnavism convention inside Hinduism. He was born to a Tamil Brahmin family in the town of Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. His philosophical establishments for devotionals were compelling to the Bhakti development. Ramanuja's master was Yadava Prakasa, a researcher who was a part of the more old Advaita Vedanta religious custom. The Sri Vaishnava convention holds that Ramanuja couldn't help contradicting his master and the non-dualistic Advaita Vedanta, and rather followed in the strides of Indian Alvarez custom under the researchers Nathamuni and Yamunacharya.

Ramanuja is well known as the central defender of Vishishtadvaita sub-school of Vedanta, and his devotees were likely creators of writings, for example - the Shatyayaniya Upanishad. Ramanuja himself composed various persuasive texts in Sanskrit, which includes the Bhagavat Gita and Bhasya on the Brahma sutra. His Vishishtadvaita (qualified monism) logic has contended with the Dvaita (mystical dualism) logic of Madhvacharya, and Advaita (monism) reasoning of Adi Shankara, together with the three persuasive Vedantic methods of insight of the second thousand years. Ramanuja displayed the epistemic and soteriological significance of bhakti, or the commitment to a God (Vishnu for Ramanuja's situation) as a way to profound freedom.

His speculations state that there exists a majority and qualification between Atman (soul) and Brahman (mystical, extreme reality); while he additionally confirmed that there is the solidarity of all souls and the individual soul can acknowledge personality with the Brahman. The main cast includes Gowsik who plays Ramanuja in the show. He does justification to the character of Ramanujan with his brilliant acting skills. K. R. S. Kumar plays Yadava Prakasar. Gayathri plays Ganthimathi and Laxmiraj plays the role of Ramanujar’s father, Kesava Somayaji.

The original takes place in the 11th century. The cast is talented as they successfully take the audience back in those days. With their skilled acting and hard work, a viewer can live in the moments of Ramanuja. All of them did justice to the characters they play. With such amazing cast and storyline, it isn’t unusual that this show achieved great popularity and viewers praised it dearly.