Tamil Tv Show Thulal Isai

Thulal Isai  Tamil TV SHOWS on Isaiaruvi TV

Thullisai is a Tamil musical show which is being aired from Monday to Thursday at 7 p m. It airs on Kalaignar IsaiAruvi. This programme features back to back songs with advertisements in between. It is one of the mainstream programmes for listening to music and for all the music lovers. The way they portray their show is very good and informative as they give the information about the singer of the song, who has given the music, who is the lyricist of the song and who has done the choreography of that particular song.

The video and picture quality of the song is also very impressive. This programme is also popularly known as “Tamil Beats”. Many latest trendy songs are showed in this programme, and it also shows songs which are though old but are still in trend or are liked by the people. The channel has a very good rate of T.R.P. and is one of the majorly famous music shows. The targeted audience of the channel is highly impressed with the show and are keenly interested in watching the programme.

The list of songs featured in the programme includes all type of music genres from classical to pop and a romantic to rap. It shows non-stop music and is a nice show to watch for a pass time and enjoys the melodies of music. The best part of the programme is that it is not only liked by the youth but is also liked by the middle-aged people, which is a great strength of any programme and it is the big reason for its success.