Tamil Tv Show Theneer Neram

Theneer Neram Tamil TV SHOWS on DD Podhigai

Theneer Neram is a cookery show in the Tamil language, telecast on DD Podhigai. The show features celebrity cooks from the fraternity. The celebrities prepare various dishes and share step by step procedure along with ingredients. The viewer’s sitting at home can watch the program on DD Podhigai and prepare the dishes after learning the recipes. The program is not only related to Tamil dishes and delicacies. It includes dishes from other parts of the country like Sindhi, Gujarati, Goan, and Marwari, etc.

A popular episode with almost 18000 views showed Mrs. Revathi, cooking Sindhi dishes. She started by cooking Matar paneer macaroni and also explained how this dish could become interesting for children by garnishing it with paneer. She further described how easy it is to cook Chole with pao bun without spending much time in the kitchen. These recipes gained a lot of appreciation from viewers as they are perfect for breakfast and are full of nutrition.

Due to the stressful lifestyle of people today, it is almost next to impossible for office-goers to spend hours in the kitchen preparing their favourite dishes. Thus, this show is basically for such people who are busy working and have less time to cook. They can easily download the recipes, note down the steps and cook as per their convenience.

The audiences sitting at home in front of their TV screens can benefit by watching these recipes and try out new dishes from other states. The best part of the program is that the ingredients used for cooking are available in the market with ease. The celebrity cooks present the recipes in the simplest form for the comfort of the viewers. Right from breakfast to dinner, from weekdays to weekends and from parties to picnics, this show can be called as a one stop solution for all your hunger needs.

Another celebrity cook Mrs. Krishna Jayanthi explained how effortlessly we could prepare different dishes at home for festivals. Her tips and tricks for making cooking a fun task make it a joyous activity for the viewers. Towards the end, she repeated all the recipes along with ingredients and explained the method of cooking for the convenience of the audiences. For all the updates on latest TV shows on DD Podhigai, log on to their YouTube channel, DD Podhigai. Also, get all the latest happenings in the world of Tamil TV industry by liking their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DDPodhigaiOfficial.