Tamil Tv Show Thenali Darbar

Thenali Darbar Tamil TV SHOWS on Thanthi TV

Thenali Darbar is a Tamil talk show that was aired on the channel Thanthi TV. Thanthi TV is 24-hours Tamil news channel that is owned by Dina Thanthi of the Thanthi Group. The channel was initially owned by NDTV and was called NDTV Hindu. It catered only to the Chennai audience. After being acquired by the Thanthi group, it was rebranded and re-programmed as Thanthi TV which would broadcast news 24 hours to the audience of entire Tamil Nadu.

Thenali Darbar is a comedy chat show which was telecasted in the year 2013. Since the show is a late-night show, the audience can finish their work and relax and watch this light-hearted show. The format of the show was such that celebrity guests were called on the show to talk about their life and achievements, personal and professional lives. Now other reality talk shows are usually restricted to talking about only the celebrities in the show.

But in Thenali Darbar, the celebrities not only talked about themselves but also talked about other topics like current affairs and politics. The show discusses their takes on what is going on globally and any burning issue or controversy. The discussions sound like a very serious affair, but they are often given a funny and comic touch by both the guest and the host. The show is also like a satire on current affairs and politics. The show also has different fun segments that add to the comedy level of the show.

Every day, the show calls upon new celebrity guests. Thanthi TV is an all Tamil channel; hence the show usually calls upon celebrities of the Tamil industries or celebrities who, at least, have Tamil origins. The show gets guests from all the different genres like movie stars to sports stars, musicians to directors, etc. Some of the popular guests who have arrived on this show are actors and actresses like Vinu Chakravarthy, Jeeva, Pooja, Karuna, Inigo Prabhakaran, Anupama Kumar, Arulnidhi, and Prasanna. Lekha Washington; popular movie directors like Ram, R J Balaji; musicians and singers like Charulatha Mani, Priya Himesh, Violin Kumaresh, cricketers like Sathish, etc.

The show is set up in a brightly lit studio. The anchor of the show, Randy sits on one side in front of a desk like in an office, across the hall sits the band who plays music in situations and in front of them, at an angle to the anchor, sits the celebrity guest who has been called on that episode.