Tamil Tv Show Suu


Suu is a science serial which is telecasted on Makkal TV. Suu aims to promote science at the school level. There are innovations which are created by students in their school days, but sadly most of them go unrecognized. The show aims at changing this attitude while encouraging students to innovate and make their innovations useful for the society and the world at a larger scale.

It is an alternate science serial. Students are encouraged to think about these problems and take the necessary remedial steps. Suu also acts like a monitor for instruments being created in schools. Behind every invention, there are many scientific theories which bind together for it to work. Suu shows us the daily products which are being created, how they are being created, and how it is different from everything else.

The production group organizes camps across schools and colleges in Tamil Nadu to encourage them to innovate. To motivate them even further, cash incentives are provided. Not only are daily needs of people becoming simpler, they are also becoming cheaper. Everyone drinks water, but not most of us have access to clean drinking water. Young analysts are shown to be working. Students get a chance to learn a lot from the products on display. In the show you see students having fun with their inventions.

They are riding their self-made scooters or driving their self-made cars. If it is something related to pure science, the students are shown displaying their invention in front of the camera. The host walks to and tries to learn from them about what they have displayed, the scientific principles behind it and other things. The anchor enthusiastically keeps grilling the student with questions.

After he is satisfied, he gives a review about the invention. In a slide show all the materials required for the particular product are shown. The method to use them is also given. Each episode focuses on one particular invention made either by a student or team of students.