Tamil Tv Show Super Singer T20 Season 2

Super Singer T20: Season 2 Tamil SONGS on VIJAY TV

Super Singer T20 is a Tamil television reality show and as the name indicates, it revolves around singing. The format of the show is in the form of a competition. Super Singer aired on Vijay TV channel. Unlike the first season of the show where Bharti Airtel was a sponsor, they did not return as one with the second season. However, Swarna Mahal Jewelers and Pran Litchi Drink were the financial supporters for this season. Each match was like that of a competition between two teams for this season where the contestants were to perform songs on a pre-selected theme.

One match was telecasted over a period of two to three days. The format is just like that of a cricket match where coins were tossed to decide who will play first. The team captain was also given the chance to determine which performance from their respective teams would be a jackpot one. The performances ranged from solo to duet ones during each match. Sometimes members belonging to other teams would also be a part of the performances to help to add side effects or chorus portions. A day’s contest would be concluded only after the two teams would complete their group acts. Points were also given after the two would finish their entire performance. The one who scores the highest would win the match for the day.

The teams keep competing against one another before the top four would move into the semi-finals while the ones who scored the lowest would be eliminated. After that, only two teams would reach the finals. There were four teams including White Devils captained by the winner of Airtel Super Singer Season 3 winner Saisharan. There was Dangaamaari captained by Super Singer Season 4 winner Diwakar. The Octaves was headed by Pravin who was a season 3 finalist, Varuthapadatha Padagar headed by Season 1 winner Nikhil Mathew, Sangeetha Sarevedi captained by Sathyaparkash who was Season 3 runner-up. Lastly, The Loud Speakers captained by Season 2 winner Santosh Hariharan.

The final was fought between White Devils and Loud Speakers. In the finals, the teams had to deliver three genres of music including Carnatic classical, western as well as folk. Finally, the White Devil’s under the leadership of Saisharan won the season. There was a lot of excitement after the news of Super Singer returning with the second season came out. However, disappointment occurred with the replacement of the host, the poor presentation of the show and rude commentary.