Tamil Tv Show Super Singer South India Season 2

Super Singer South India is a Tamil reality singing competition, in which youngsters get a chance to showcase their singing talents across the state of Tamil Nadu. It is aired Jaya TV.

It is specifically designed to hunt for new talents for the Tamil playback singing industry. MS Senthil Kumar is director of this reality show. Bharathwaj, Nithyasree Mahadevan and S. P. Sailaja, are judges of the show. It has a runtime of one hour, and is shot in Tamil Nadu. The show is aired on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00 PM.

This season was hosted by the beautiful Vaishali. There are various stages which the contestants have to clear in order to be able to perform at the highest level. First there's the open auditions. These auditions are conducted across the States of South India. Anybody who can sing, or wants to sing can enter the round.

The contestants need to sing a song, or maybe a few more, in front of the body of three judges. The panel decides right there whether the person is worthy of going to the next round or not. If they are impressed with their abilities then they are awarded a ticket to enter the next round. After all that, comes the second stage of the auditions. The goal of this stage is to reach the Top 20, and be able to participate in front of the live audience. That's when the real competition starts.

They are given some chances to impress the various panels of judges. This doesn't embarrass the rejected contestant as he is given another chance to make his mark in the competition. The judges finally select the Top 20. These selected contestants are required to sing in front of an live audience. They have to go through the regular criticisms of the judges and the audience. They are judged on their weekly performance, and whoever fails to impress, gets the fewest points and has to leave the show.

Many celebrities come to the show to encourage the participants and promote their movies. There are also many guest performances by the leading singers in the industry. There were also guest judges to take place of the regular ones. Most of the participants were from Telangana and Tamil Nadu.