Tamil Tv Show Super Singer Celebrity Season

Super Singer Celebrity Season is a reality TV show. The show will test the musical skills of the contestants. It was preceded by season four of the same show. It was even adapted by it and was formatted to make it compatible for celebrities. The show was broadcasted originally in Tamil language and was dubbed in other subsequent languages. However, the performances of the contestants were kept untouched. It was primarily shot in Tamil Nadu. Its average duration for broadcast was kept moderate and was roughly measured to be sixty minutes. It was broadcasted on Star Vijay TV network.

The makers managed to get one of the biggest telecommunications company to sponsor the show. It was sponsored by Airtel. Bharti Mittal, the owner of the firm, personally praised the quality and concept of the show in an interview. The show saw a number of anchors who have hosted the show. It is yet not clarified whether it was the strategy of the makers to make the format more interesting or it was due to some issues between the makers and the hosts. The celebrity season gained a huge fan base due to its unique concept. The show featured TV celebrities as the contestants and they were given the opportunity to showcase their music and singing skills on a bigger platform such as television. It gained popularity in the initial stages and audience waited eagerly for the premier of the show. T

his installment of the show was kept shorter than other seasons of the show as it featured television stars. It was first premiered on fourteenth day in month of February in the year 2014. The competition lasted for about six weeks. The grand finale of the show was broadcasted on 28th March. The show was originally kept away from the mainstream competition as it can get ugly for the stars considering their star value and fan following. The show has a major fan following in the audiences of the southern part of India. It has managed to create its own space in the daily soap genre and has penetrated deep into the market to create its own brand value.

The show is back with a bang and is on the way to impress the audience with its new concept. It is going to be a lot more fun and entertainment in the fourth season. The makers have tried to put all spices their masterpiece and has presented the audience with a fully fledged reality TV show.