Tamil Tv Show Sollunga Boss

Sollunga Boss Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

Sollunga Boss is a show with comedy genre. This show is telecasted in Sun TV. Sun TV always comes up with new shows and programs with innovation and creativity. Sun TV has got a wide range of networks. It has channels in all languages. In Telugu, it has a channel named Gemini, in Kannada it has a channel named Udaya, and in Tamil, the channel is Sun TV. Sun TV is one of the top- rated channels in Tamil. It is widely operated and has many viewers with its different daily serials and programs. Sollunga Boss is a show with stand-up comedy. Stand-up comedy means that a person speaks about a topic in a very humorous manner. Humour is the main theme of stand-up comedy. The person should select a topic about which he will be speaking.

The way the person speaks educate the viewers with the important information about the topic, but it will be in an interesting way with fun and entertainment. This stand-up comedy is now one of the famous entertainment programs. There are many videos on YouTube in which many people took up some really viral issues of the present society and presented the problems in a hilarious way. In this same way, Sun TV has come up with a show to encourage stand-up comedy and started the show named Sollunga Boss. In this show the person who speaks on these topics is Bosskey. He talks about all the important things in the present scenario and the issues that are viral in the society. He speaks very well on the topics that it makes them think about the topics deeply, and the whole thing will never be serious.

Instead, it will be entertaining and humorous. Bosskey is a multi-talented person. He is not only an anchor in this show but also a Radio Jockey. He also acted in some movies. He is also an anchor in other shows. In all of this, he is also a film critic writer. He is one of the famous personalities in Tamil film industry. He is not only famous in the film industry, but also gave his best in media entertainment. Some of the shows that he has anchored were “Hari Giri Assembly” and “Siri Giri Station.” These shows were telecasted in the channel Jaya TV. He mostly played the roles of a comedian in films, and that is the reason why he could take up the show Sollunga Boss very smoothly and successfully.