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Smile Please Zee Tamil Tamil TV SHOWS on Zee Tamil

Aired on Zee Tamil, Smile please is a comedy show showcasing funny and comic scenes from old and new Tamil movies. The show due to its content and presentation is liked by viewers of all ages. Generally, after leaving cinema halls, most of us forget the stories, plots, star cast and unimportant dialogues of the movie. What we remember are the well-known scenes and famous dialogues of our favorite movies. This show focuses to refresh the memory of all the movie buffs out there.

Smile Please is a show which helps the viewers to recollect funny moments and rib-tickling scenes enacted by their favorite actors. An entertaining episode with over a 1000 views showed how a couple stepped out of the house to spend some time together on a beach. Their idea of being in isolation turned futile as they were continually disturbed by visitors and vendors selling tea, flowers, and popcorns. After trying hard for almost two hours, they finally returned home and dropped the idea of going out again together. A constant rise in the competition today has made our lives hectic and dull.

To break the monotony, programs like Smile Please act as a breather. It is that time of the day, when a person can shed off his or her burdens and enjoy the program with family and friends. One of the most watched episodes with lots of views showed how identical quadruplets got separated at birth due to negligence. The quadruplets played by Kamal Hassan, Khusboo, Urvashi and Roobini justified their characters. The depiction of their story in a comical way became a hit among their fans.

Another telecasted comedy episode showed a married man, played by Kamal Hassan, disguised as a maid to take care of his daughter. This episode grabbed a lot of views from audiences all over the globe. People belonging to different countries have varied choices when it comes to watching their favorite programs. Some like daily soaps, some like reality shows while others prefer to watch only news. Programs like Smile Please take the viewers across a memory lane by showing their favorite comedy scenes from old and new movies. Watch all the latest episodes of your favorite program by logging on to https://www.facebook.com/ZeeTamizh.