Tamil Tv Show Siva Sthuthi

Siva Sthuthi Tamil TV SHOWS on VASANTH TV

Siva Sthuthi is a Tamil TV show. The TV show has been telecasted by one of the leading Tamil language channels known as Vasanth TV. Vasanth TV is a popular TV channel among the Tamil audience as it provides the audience with various kinds of TV shows with myriad genres. Siva Sthuthi has also been one of the most special TV shows telecasted by the Vasanth TV channel. Siva Sthuthi came in the year 2015. Siva Sthuthi is a religious TV show. The TV show has been completely dedicated to Hindu God Lord Shiva. The show is a like an offering to Lord Shiva.

The programme shows beautiful carols, beautiful prayers, powerful mantras, soothing music, and prayer songs dedicated to Lord Shiva. We get to see images of all famous temples of Lord Shiva all around India. With carols and prayer offerings in the background the show has cinematography of the beautiful temples of Lord Shiva. The songs, prayers, and carols are sung by various musicians or are picked from the music albums dedicated to Lord Shiva or beautiful songs from Tamil movies so as to offer prayers to God. We come to know the importance and impact of the stories of Lord Shiva on this world.

The stories of Shiva provide the audiences with a lot of knowledge. The cinematography of the beautiful temples of Lord Shiva, different Shivlingas and every other thing present in this nature which is related to Lord Shiva adds a lot of beauty to Siva Sthuthi. There are special episodes where Shiv mantras are sung again and again and the audience recites them too. These mantras are sung in different ways by different musicians who make it easy for the audience to understand the importance and meaning of each of these mantras. Siva Sthuthi was a 30 minutes running show on the screens of Vasanth TV. The morning show has received lots of love from the Tamil viewers all around the world..