Tamil Tv Show Sema Comedy

Sema Comedy is a comedy serial which is telecasted on Jaya TV. It is a fun show where the hosts play pranks on unsuspecting citizens, and their reactions are then recorded. These are harmless pranks which are later appreciated by the gagged people themselves. You can say that it is the Tamil version of the world popular Just For Laughs Gags.

In one episode the scene is set outside a Roop Sangam store. There is a male mannequin set outside the store. They attach a string to its pants. Whenever any passerby walks past it, they will pull the string which will remove his pants. First a group of three college girls walk past it. The host pulls the string and removes the pant. One of them covers her embarrassed face while the other two can't stop laughing.

They do that on many more people. Some are embarrassed, some ignore it and some cannot control themselves from laughing. In another episode, they put famous politician’s faces on gymnasts who are performing in the Beijing Olympics. There is a funny music to it, with the background laughter implying the joke. They repeat the same process with Michael Jackson songs, Bollywood songs, football matches, and more.

Basil Rajapaksa, DMK, AIDMK, Kanimozhi, Douglas, Sonia Gandhi, Karunanidhi and Manmohan Singh, were all the people whose faces were digitally shown on the music video from the movie Pa Ra Palanisamy. They also create spoofs of famous movie scenes. The actors remain the same but their voices are dubbed to a different dialogue. People sitting at home send them their funny videos which will be broadcasted on air.

They aired a parody version of the Tamil Padam. A disillusioned man is roaming aimlessly at a book store. While turning at the next aisle, he bumps into a college girl. For a moment he keeps looking at her, and she starts blushing. Realizing they are at a bookstore, she walks away and the boy keeps looking at her. He can't stop thinking about her and discusses about it with his friends. The production of the show dubbed the dialogues and gave it a funny twist.