Tamil Tv Show Sangeetha Mahayudham 1

Sangeetha Mahayudham is a reality singing show. Sangeetha Mahayudham is telecasted in Sun TV. Sun TV is a very well known Tamil channel in India. This show is not like other shows where there will be a competition between teams. The term Sangeetha means singing and Mahayudham means big war. So, the entire show title means a big war for singing title. This shows Sangeetha Mahayudham consists of totally six playback singers. These playback singers will, in turn, have a team of complete three members who will act as contestants.

The playback singers will have to train their team members and make them ready for their performance so that they can compete with other teams. The names of the teams were Thanjai Thalapathigal, Trichy Thimingalangal, Nellai Sooraveli, Madurai Veerargal and Kovai Killadigal team. In the team Thanjai Thalapathigal, Madhu Balakrishnan is the team leader. He is the playback singer. His team consisted of Suchithra, Bharath, and Kavya. Kavya was the youngest performer of the show aged eleven. In the team Nellai Sooraveli, Annupamaa is the playback singer, and she had team members named Koushik Ram, Krishnamoorthy, and Monisha.

In Madurai Veerargalteam, the team consisted of Vijay Yesudas, the famous playback singer who had Guruprasad, Sirisha, and Anakah as his team members. Team Chennai Singangal, which had Devan Ekambaram as the captain and Gurupriya, Aishwarya and Sasinprabhu as team members. Last but not the least is the team Kovai Killadigal that had Matangi Jagdish as the team lead and Al Rufian, Bhargavi, and Sathyanarayanan as team members. The show had great fun and went through many episodes taking and receiving challenges from the opposite teams.

As every challenge has a winner and a looser, this show also had teams, which were until the end of the show. The teams were Tiruchi Thimaningalangal and Thanjai Thalapathigal. Finally, the winner of the show was the team Thanjai Thalapathigal team. The famous playback singer Madhu Balakrishnan leads this team. Thus, this is how the Sangeeta Mahayudam ended.