Tamil Tv Show Sagala Vs Ragala

Sagala Vs Ragala Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Sagala vs Ragala is a reality television show that was very popular for quite some time. Reality television is a sub-genre of television shows in which non-professional, common people are selected and document the non-scripted life-like situations that the show throws at them. Sagala vs Ragala follows the genre of reality television although the plot of the show is quite different from regular shows. The show invites popular celebrities from Tamil music, film, and media industry and makes them participate in fun-filled game shows and compete against each other. The celebrity to hold the ground for the last round wins the game. The show is filled with entertaining games and conversations between celebrities. The show also has a sit-in live audience who is occasionally asked to participate alongside the contestants.

The show was hosted by two very popular faces on Tamil television, Ramar; who is considered as the ‘comedy king’ of television as he rose to fame with the popular television show Siricha Pochu, and the other one is Andrews, who has hosted many shows but his most popular show has to be ‘Ready Steady Po. Both of them are very well known to the Tamil audience who consume television. The show Sagala vs Ragala premiered on the channel Vijay TV.