Tamil Tv Show Rowdy Baby

Rowdy Baby Tamil TV SHOWS on Zee Tamil

Rowdy Baby is a Tamil reality show broadcast on the Zee Tamil channel.in this show there are two teams consisting of celebrity women. These women have to perform various tasks that test their physical and mental strengths. The first task is to break tiles wearing a glove. One contestant from each team is randomly selected and the woman who breaks all the tiles first would be awarded the points. The hosts of this show Kamal and Karthik never let their contestants, as well as the audience, get bored. Karthik breaks the tiles without even wearing a glove. The next task involves eating as many eggs as you can. The team which finishes eating more eggs would win. The eggs are prepared on the stage. The eggs are served on leaves.

While the contestants are completing the task, the host asks them random questions, like a quiz. Three contestants from both the teams perform this task. There is a time limit for this task. The third task is also a time-based task. In this task, the contestant has to break a clock by just listening to its tacking as their eyes are blindfolded. They are provided with a stick with which they have to break the clock. By following the sound, the contestant has to guess her aim and break the clock. Firstly one contestant from each team is chosen to complete this task. Next, the contestants have to compete against one another and the one who reaches first and breaks the clock would win. One contestant from each team is chosen for this time.

Kamal and Karthik dance on the stage and entertain the audience. They have the most comic chemistry and keep on making random jokes. The contestants too join Kamal and Karthik in their dancing. There are dance competitions between the contestants. Overall it is a funny and full of energy show. The hosts and the contestants sit on stage and play fun games. Two contestants from each team are put to competition and then the winner is decided. All the contestants are wearing ‘Lungi.’ The next task is to cut a fruit exactly into half. The contestant to cut early and exactly into half would be the winner. In the next task, the contestants have to cycle and break the scarecrows' head which is made up of the pot. They have to take a full round of the stage before breaking the head of the scarecrow.

The next task is to copy the dance steps of any dance video. These dance moves are crazy and after looking once at the video, the contestants have to perform the dance themselves. The last task involves crushing a watermelon using a hammer. But the twist is: the contestants would be bound by ropes to one another, and have to pull towards their watermelon to break them. Kamal is in between the contestants, in a loop, and would give a fair judgment. After this battle of strengths, the winner is chosen. The team with the maximum number of points is the winner. This team then models on the stage and the show ends.