Tamil Tv Show Rasiganai Thedi

Rasiganai Thedi  Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Rasiganai-Thedi is the series which is telecast on the Vendhar Tv at 10:30 pm. This show is becoming the hit show in the Tamil channel. This show completed total 13 episodes till now. This show tells us about the movie actors, their movies and interactions, their acting skills,problems faced etc.. This is totally about the entertainment which is shown in the movie and also the upcoming movies and projects of the heroes and singers .It’s also about the directors of the movie. The show is telecast on Vendhar channel every week on Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. 

This gives the related information of the upcoming movie of the actor. It also tells about the story of the movie.Every tidbits related to the movie will be shown in this series In each episode, they will take the topic about one actor and they show some clips and videos about that actor and they show the scenes which he performed well. They talk about the fights of the hero and also the performance of him and this is the good show to gain knowledge on the movies and also on heroes.

This show entertains us a lot because it shows the movie of the hero by showing all his movie scenes together like how he started and how he is acting and performing. The show also shows the ups and downs in the hero’s career. It shows how the flop movie reflects their life and a winning movie give them a name and fame. This Show not only entertains us but also tell us to learn from their life journey that life does not have a straight journey; there are many stops between one step and another. How we overcome from one step to other we can learn from this series. It gives a life challenge to the youth to learn winning spirit.