Tamil Tv Show Rasaathi

Other names of : Raasathi
Rasaathi Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

Rasaathi is a Tamil serial broadcast on the Sun TV channel. There are over 160 episodes of this serial. Rasaathi serial was released on 23 September 2019. In this serial, the story revolves around a religious village where Rasaathi lives. This village celebrates a festival.The serial starts with showing Rasaathi being worshipped and getting ready by the priests for a spiritual bath and she being worshipped and getting ready for pious sculpture. Rasaathi is taking part in this festival. Rasaathi’s love interest in this show is Pandian. Rasaathi takes part in prayers and stands for what is right. The other leader is a corrupt one. Rasaathi’s motive is to remove him.

This creates some differences between Pandian and Rasaathi. Rasaathi solves the villager’s problems. Rasaathi’s sister-in-law stands opposite her in this festival, supporting the other side. Rasaathi’s and Pandian’s families are also at war with one another. Rasaathi begins her fight for justice with her sister-in-law. Rasathi’s sister-in-law gets support from a thug. There are attacks on Rasaathi made by her rivals. Pandian protects her through all of this. How would Pandian and Rasaathi survive this rivalry of families? Would Rasaathi come victorious in this battle of truths?