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Rani Maharani Tamil Tamil TV SHOWS on Saregama TV

Rani Maharani is a reality game show that aired on the channel, Sun TV. Sun TV is one of the most popular prime time channels which is widely watched in the state of Tamil Nadu. The channel, Sun TV is owned and operated by the Sun TV Network. The show, Rani Maharani, was launched in the year 2013. The show had only one season and was very popular amongst the audience. Rani Maharani is another game show in the plethora of game shows in the Tamil television industry.

However, this show is much different from the other game shows in the genre. Unlike any other game show, this game show is not complicated and lengthy. This is one of the major reasons why the show is loved by the audience. The show is mainly for ladies. The format of the show is simple. The show starts with a paper draw. The host draws a paper out of a bowl in front of her with a name written on it. The name on the chit is of one of the audiences present during that very show.

So the contestant of the show is selected on the spot. The person whose name comes out in the paper comes out to play the game. The game consists of one simple round; Guess the celebrity. There is a small screen on the centre stage which has the image of a celebrity or a famous personality’s face, fully covered with letters. The contestant has to guess the name of the celebrity. These faces are of famous Tamilian celebrities and personalities. The rules of the show are simple.

If the contestant guesses the name with disclosing just one part of the image, then they get a cash prize of 1 lakh. They can also ask to remove their letter of choice from the image to see that part of the face. If they get the answer with two hints, they get 75 thousand cash prize, if they use three hints, they get 50 thousand cash prize, if they use four hints, then they get 25 thousand cash prize. If they still cannot guess the correct name or guess it after the fifth hint, they don’t win any money.

Once a contestant gets over with their round, there is another paper draw to call the next contestants. The simple rules and easy cash are what attracts the audience to the show. Since the contestants are called from the studio audience, the studio audience is carefully screened. The viewers, who want to be a part of the studio audience and try their luck, have to send their bio data and a picture to the office of Sun TV via mail. If their bio data gets shortlisted, they are invited on the show. The show is hosted by the very charming and charismatic VJ, Mamathi Anjan. The show is directed by Prince Venkat G.