Tamil Tv Show Puthunarchi Tharum Yogasanam

Puthunarchi Tharum Yogasanam Tamil tv-shows on CAPTAIN TV

It is a Tamil show which has been aired on Captain TV channel.  Lakshmi Andiyappan host the show, and she tries to teach yoga to the people. This series is being telecasted everyday for the betterment of the human beings. Yoga is considered to be the physical and mental, practical and spiritual practices which originated in the ancient India with a viewpoint of achieving the condition of everlasting peace. The word yoga has been taken from two roots i.e. yujir yoga meaning to yoke and from yujsamadhau which means to concentrate.

Yoga not only helps us in maintaining a mind-body balance but also rejuvenates us. Yoga reduces all the barriers of caste and religion and is the ultimate therapy for a healthy body. Thus it is a mental and a physical practice which helps in controlling our mind, body and soul. Thus yoga can be called as an art of self-transformation. This show also aims in telling the people about the importance of Yoga in one’s life and Lakshmi Andiyappan tries to teach the viewers about different asanas which are helpful for our body. He even tells the importance of doing those asanas and the hidden secret about them. Thus Yoga as a form of exercise is good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We should aim at inculcating it in our daily lives. This will help us escape lethargy and monotony of an everyday regime. It can be taken as a part of the exercise, for getting the best results, making it an important part of our daily routine. Thus this very fit yoga instructor aims in teaching his audience various yoga postures which have a purpose of providing in a healthy lifestyle. The show is still on-going on the channel and is running very successfully. The folks also love watching it as it helps them in getting rejuvenated from their daily routine work and life and gives them that peace of mind and relaxation.

Most of the episodes of the serial are of around 10 min in which he wants to give maximum information he can to the spectators. Thus it is a show with a different concept and therefore liked a lot by the audience and also it makes the people indulge in it along with the host of the series. One can also find his videos on different postures of yoga to try them and inculcate them in their life.