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'Pulan Visaranai' is a Tamil language TV show. Vasanth TV telecasted 'Pulan Visaranai' for the Tamil viewers. Vasanth TV is a channel for news and entertainment for Tamil audiences. The first episode was aired in the year 2013. 'Pulan Visaranai' was a show based on social issues. The makers took different topics from their surroundings and presented a documentary on it. The issues chosen, either came from problems in medicine or from huge debates about mass killings and violence. Each episode of 'Pulan Visaranai' raised questions on different societal issues, talked to experts and people related to that field, asked common people about the same issues to gather their views, took case studies as examples and put real situations into for the viewers. In a few episodes, they also took the stories of victims and portrayed the same stories through actors.

The first episode of 'Pulan Visaranai' was about mental illness and the affects of the problems on the person and society. They took the story of Durga Rani to portray the same. They showed how she got trapped in this illness, her family background, marriage and issues of violence that she had to go through. The next episode of Pulan Visaranai was on a very sensitive issue of Suicide. The average number of cases of suicide is reportedly increasing. The episode showed the ways in which different people commit suicide; the government’s take on the issue and the effects on the family members of the victim. The next episode raised questions on the medicines and the health system where common people and doctors gave their opinions. It also showed the bad side of the medical system and the organizations involved.

One episode showed how the work of the government is causing problems for the common people. The episode put light on the children falling in an open bore well. Another episode was on the so –called 'Gunda’s' and killers. The people who killed innocent civilians, have unauthorized guns and promote violence in the society. There was another episode on the topic of road accidents. The episode showed the increased in road accidents on a daily basis, the causes of these accidents and the way people have lost their lives. In each episode, the true and heartbreaking picture of society was revealed to the viewers. The show enlightened the people by educating them on the different issues, their rights, and their government. Durga Muthukamaran directed the TV series. The series was an informative TV series and awakened the Tamil audience regarding many issues.