Tamil Tv Show Pop Corn Box

Pop Corn Box   Tamil TV SHOWS on Raj Music Tamil

This program is aired on Raj Music every Monday at 9.30pm. Music is the integral part, of the culture of the people. This program features the collection of various Tamil songs including classic,melody, folk, filmy, rock, Indian pop, etc. It is a comprehensive resource of Tamil film music. It is also a complete South Indian music portal with latest songs. It features highly unique, syncretic style of film music.Music produces a revulsive effect. It may be symbolic, imaginary or realm.The short duration of 30mins adds to the interest of the viewers. It focuses on playing music videos. It increasingly downplayed music programming in favour of teen dramas. This program features music strands of joy, happiness, and bliss.Its success is the variety of songs.

Latest hits sprinkle the final crisp of the show. Music can touch the sensitive corner of a human. The songs composed by AR.Rahman, Ilayaraja, Hariharan, GV. Prakash, Harris Jayaraj Harris Jayaraj is a veteran music composer, predom >> Read More... , Vidyasagar, AnirudhandYuvan Shankar have a mixture of musical genres that attract the viewers. Tamil film music is known for its innovation and eclecticism. They showcase the blends of Carnatic and Western instruments with a range of melodic and rhythmic patterns.

The show is to spread the fragrance of the .music of South India. Orchestral themes and minimalist songs are often featured.This program has so far captured the young hearts that melts for mighty music irrespective of age. Latest songs aired highlights the show and add credits to its performance. The songs pop out continuously without a break contributing to the interest of the viewers. Every episode airs 4 to 6 songs. Every song tells a story of synthesis of a work reflecting human condition and provides listeners with a window to view inner feelings.

This program enfolds, the viewers in a blanket of comfort, giving inspiration in solitude and melancholic moods. It is also the articulation of people’s thought and passions utilized as a complex expression of universal communication. It empowers people’s world of imagination and sensitivity. It releases emotions as the flow of water in silent streams. The people personally experience sublime emotions and captivated senses while watching the program.

Always eliciting emotions from the audience, this program is also a medium of persuasion. This program makes people refresh and relax. It ends the people’s crave for songs. On the whole, the program is a sweet duration to enjoy the goodness of music.