Tamil Tv Show Payanam

Payanam Tamil tv-shows on CAPTAIN TV

“Payanam” is a Tamil TV show telecasted on Sundays between 11am and 11.30am on ‘Captain TV’, which is one of the blossoming Southern TV channel. Captain TV is a start-up channel owned by one of the Southern Tamil Actor and encounters entertainment, Social wellness and recent happenings in the nook and corners of our country. Payanam is a show which is absolutely based on travel. This show revolves around the concept of hunting places across India and bringing the best of regions and areas to visit to the viewers of the program. From the North, South, East, West and Central, any place that is worth to visit, is picked up with at most care and research. The team of Payanam does the complete background work for visiting the handpicked place and shoots the best footage for their audience.

An anchor carries the show filling us with all minute and relevant details about the place. Payanam Show brings to the knowledge of their audience about the spots for visiting in the particular place, the famous and peculiarity that prevails in the selected place, about the people there, best and flexible places to stay, the most suitable time of the year to make a trip to the place, approximate amount to be spent for visiting the place, the food and culture of the place and many more information relating to the specific place. The show also highlights about the medicinal value and any sort of herbal or ayurvedic treatments for which the place is well known for. Payanam throws light on the major work background of the place depending on which the people of the region survive and make a living.

Payanam also brings to the viewer’s clips of the short interviews taken from the residents. This helps the audience in knowing the real facts about the place rather than the anchor telling it, which gives a sense of reliability and authenticity to the program. The complete thirty minutes of the show is pictured in the most interesting and eye-catching manner with a background voice of the anchor explaining about the place and loading with information. A particular place which has got many places to visit and many details that are to be brought to the audience will be divided into parts and telecasted for two or few weeks. Payanam gives a virtual treat to your eyes and makes you feel around the place while watching the program. This show is a must watch for all the explorers and people who crave to travel across the country.