Tamil Tv Show Pattu pudhusu

Paattu Pudusu Tamil tv-shows on Sun Music

Paattu Pudusu is a Tamil language TV show. Sun Music TV telecasted the TV show in the year 2012. Sun Music TV is a network of Sun TV channel. Paattu Pudusu is a musical TV show by Sun Music TV. Sun Music TV has various musical shows on their channel. Each channel has a different concept than the other yet there is one thing that connects them which is music. The channel has been running musical shows and other shows related to music for the whole day. Paattu Pudusu is also a musical TV show on which the makers telecast the hit songs of Tamil language. The show also has a comical satire attached to it. The TV show Paattu Pudusu also has a host. The host of the TV show starts the show with some comedy skits.

The host used to play different characters to make its audience laugh. He used to role play as twin brothers, two friends, one short heighted and one tall friend and a lot more like this. The host of the TV show also used different names for his characters which were very funny for the audience. He used to use these names and dialogues filled with satire to make the audience guess the next song that would telecast. The comedy skits were the hints for the next song to be played. Next they would play a hit film song. The musical show Paattu Pudusu was a collection of songs from the hit Tamil films. Paattu Pudusu also played songs from the films that didn’t work but were a hit. The TV show had a whole track of the latest, old, filmy, hit songs from the Tamil language movies. The makers of the TV show also entertain the requests made by their audiences.

The audience can listen to the songs of their choice and, songs which are their favorite. The viewers of the show dedicate the songs which are played on the TV show to their loved ones. Few of them dedicate the songs played to their wives, husbands, friends and, family. The TV show also displays the messages the viewers have sent to their loved ones. The TV show keeps the updates with all the latest trending songs coming in the music industry in the Tamil Film industry. Paattu Pudusu TV show airs at 2 PM and, 7 PM on Sun Music TV. The audience loves watching Paattu Pudusu. The TV show serves all the functions of entertainment; music, dance, comedy, dedication and, fun.