Tamil Tv Show Panniru Thirumurai Isai Vizha

Panniru Thirumurai Isai Vizha Tamil tv-shows on Kairali TV

“Panniru Thirumurai Isai Vizha” is a TV program in Tamil which is telecasted in ‘Makkal TV’. Makkal TV is an emerging Tamil television channel which has got an edge of using Tamil Language predominantly in most of the programs that they broadcast. The program Panniru Thirumurai Isai Vizha is telecasted from Monday to Friday during the sunrise time between 6.03am and 6.30am, giving a fresh start to a beautiful day. Panniru Thirumurai Isai Vizha is a devotional program which focuses on spreading the goodness that is hidden in the Hindu religion and about the nature and good attributes that a human need to carry in order to lead a decent and spiritual life. The show is based on spirituality and conveys the goodness and importance of God and good deeds which is required to be done by a human being to prosper in his or her life.

The show comprises of various activities such as song sung for Hindu God and Goddess, speech by various experts on spiritual live and about stories of God. One or few of the singers who are versatile and well known among the audience grace the show and sing there heart out for God and praise their importance and thank them for all that God has given us in life. Certain stories of God or a particular incident about a God are also made in the form of song and are performed by the singers in this show. The other aspect of Panniru Thirumurai Isai Vizha is that the show brings to the audience exceptional speech by professionals and renowned orators. They convey to you the various believes of Hindu religion and the reason and justification behind such beliefs.

They also bring to you stories and interesting happenings about God that will help you relate to a realistic situation in life and act with confidence and peace under any circumstances. Panniru Thirumalai Isai Vizha is a mind opening program that makes you realize and understand the meaning behind various customs, norms and traditions of Hindu community and their importance of following it in our life. Apart from speaking about God, the show also conveys to you vital messages and the need to do good deeds in one’s life for it will reflect and have impacts on our future generation. Be it any age, watch Panniru Thirumalai Isai Vizha to have a gracious, peaceful and spiritual start for the day ahead with much confidence and hopes.