Tamil Tv Show Pannattu Samayal

Pannattu Samayal Tamil TV SHOWS on MAKKAL TV

 Pannattu Samayal is a Tamil show under the genre of Cookery; it broadcasts on an official Tamil website called “tamilo.com” which is famous among households of South India. The show runs as a platform for the recipes of different regions to be acknowledged by the mass of people. The show is running since the year 2013 and it is successful is all dimensions. The show implements a woman who is also the chef, with the help of assistants and experts she explores the variety of dishes of different regions and traditions. With the delicacies of Indian dishes, the chef also introduces its audience with Caribbean, Mexican, Italian, etc to make the procedure easier for cooks and woman who interest themselves in cooking as a hobby.

The lady chef is very talented and polite in her approach to dishes and their explanation. Very patiently she tends to form a sequence for the episode, beginning with the introduction of the dishes, she serialises the ingredients required in the procedure. She also talks about the origin of the dish and prepares the entire recipe on the camera. With the adequate proportion of clarity in speech and movement, the chef inhibits the interest on her viewers entirely in the preparation of her food. Cookery shows are not only a medium for women to learn new techniques and multi-cuisine dishes, but they also serve as an opportunity for the generation comprised of adults, children and youth to generate interest in the multiplicity of food.

Pannattu Samayal emphasises on the cultural and traditional background of their dish; it makes sure that the history related to the cuisine comes in its deliciousness. It also gives a chance to unravel the hidden mysticism of various regions and their talent in eatables. This famous cookery show has been supporting many households by cooking and impressive presentation of food cooked. The chef of Pannattu Samayal being a woman makes it more attractive for the woman mass as they connect more with the actions and language of a chef. The show is a great appreciation of cuisine history of different countries and regions.

Also, it demonstrates the ideal procedure made easier for the general population to prepare the dish at home and cherish its taste with the entire family. The cooking lessons are a motivational therapy for the recently married woman and the lonely bachelors who have to struggle with everyday cooking. It also generates a kind of interest and excitement in it, people share and eat; they like to display their talent and be appreciated.