Tamil Tv Show Pan Paaduvom

Pann Paaduvom Tamil tv-shows on MAKKAL TV

Pan Paaduvom is a Program of youngsters with the knowledge of traditional music instruments were classical singer Hyderabad Siva helps them to learn classical and devotional songs. It is aired on Makkal TV from Monday to Friday at 7 am. It's a Half an Hour Program. The program has a backdrop of Natya Mandapam with a Nataraja statue in the middle. There is a flute, mridangam player and a harmonist with shiva and students are all almost girls in their teenage. The master sings first and then the students repeat this is the pattern like all usual music classes.

Everybody are in traditional costumes and sitting on floor cross-legged. It is not just sung and repeat show. Also, the master gives singers lessons and advice based on the singing style. Since it is just a 30-min show it is very difficult to tell everyone what to do even though there are only six students. The host of the show Hyderabad Siva is a well-known teacher all over the world and he holds several awards. The host of the show Hyderabad Siva is a well-known teacher all over the world and he holds several records. The Students who appear on the show are only the regular students of the teacher and that makes him easy to do the show. Most of the days the same students will be on the show so the class continues.

The traditional Carnatic music is taught from the beginning. Even from Maya Madhava Gawla is taught during the show. So it makes even noobs and beginners to be the regular audience of the show. Hyderabad B. Siva, born to Sri Balasubramania Sivachariyar and Smt. B. Kamala in Pudukottai District. Is an All India Radio Artist, he has received several awards like Sangeetha Kalarathna of Sri Skanda Guru Vidyashram and He also received Sri Kala Vidhwan title from Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. At the age of 16 under guru Chandrashekar. He also trained under Sundaravalli Srinivasan, Banu Kannan, and Late Balasubramanian Sethalapathy. He is M.A holder in Carnatic music. Currently, he is doing his Ph.D.

He was a music teacher from 1994 to 2004 at SriRam Dayal Kheamka Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Thiruvottiyur. Now he is the professor at Sri Saraswathi College of Education. He founded Sukhi Niketan Arts Academy and there are 300 students studying there currently. Sukhi Niketan Arts Academy has branches in Malaysia and South Africa. He also writes for some Tamil and Telugu magazines. He has written a book called Thengaissai and has also released more than 30 CD's. He has published some research papers. Some of his famous Cd's are of Pancharathna Keerthanas, Uthsava Sampradaya Keerthanas, Annamayya and Bhadrachala Ramadasar Keerthanas, Guruguha Krithis, And Shri Thyagarajar’s Rama Bhakti Keerthanas. He also does a show on Sri Sankara TV named Swara Raga Laya. He conducts workshops in Malaysia every month. He has received many medals like Nunkala Bharathi award, Thiruppugazh Semmal award, Thamizhisai Sothi award, and Sandha Thamizh Isai Selvar award. He performs with 108 students at various temple compositions and he calls it A Nada Samarpanam by 108 people.