Tamil Tv Show Pada Varisai

Pada Varisai Tamil TV SHOWS on Kalaignar TV

Pada Varisai is a Tamil language TV show. The TV show has been telecasted by one of the leading Tamil language channels known as Kalaignar TV. Kalaignar TV channel has always provided its audience with most unique, different and, top-rated TV show. Pada Varisai is one of those special TV show. This TV show is about providing information and, entertainment to the audience at the same time. The TV show came on air in the year 2012. Pada Varisai is an extremely special TV show for the audience who loves cinema. Every year a large number of films are made and released in the Tamil film industry. Pada Varisai is a TV show which is based on the movies released in the film industry of Tamil. Pada Varisai is hosted by one of the famous hosts on the Kalaignar TV. VJ Monica hosts the TV show.

In Pada Varisai the host VJ Monica picks up 10 Tamil films which have been recently released. She features a countdown of these recently released Tamil movies that starts from 10 and, ends at 1. This countdown of the new movies is based upon the rating, choice, money collected, audience reviews, critic reviews, rating, star preference, budget, success and, its being hit. All these parameters are considered to keep the newly released movies on their numbers in the countdown. The TV show starts with VJ Monica welcoming the audiences, after which she takes the audiences through the countdown of 10 movies. The countdown starts from movie at 10th place and then with the movie on 8th place and so on until the host reaches at number 1 in the countdown.

Starting the show with number 10, the host shows either a scene from that movie or the trailer and then, she would go on explaining about that movie, a basic plot of the same, how movie has done well, what areas (acting, music, songs,, direction or dialogue writing) movie has excelled or lacked in, public reviews, reviews by the critics, ratings and, how this movie is not good enough than the movie which is placed on the number before it. With each movie she gives her reviews adding all the necessary factors to it and also, justifying the ranking given to the particular movie. Doing this continuously she reaches the movie at number 1 and explains how that movie has outdone itself in every single way and how it is better than any other newly released movies. This all happens for a total of 30 minutes at 8.30 AM in the morning. The audience gets a lot of information about Tamil movies from the TV show.