Tamil Tv Show Paattu.Com

Paattu.Com Tamil tv-shows on Sun Music

Paattu.com is a Tamil language TV show. Sun Music TV has telecasted this TV show for the Tamil viewers. The TV show came up in the year 2014. Sun Music TV is a channel provided by the Sun Network for the Tamil viewers. Paattu.com show is a Tamil musical TV show provided by Sun Music TV. Sun Music TV is a network channel that provides everything that is related to music under one roof. 24 hours a day there are running hit musical TV shows on the TV channel that the audience enjoys. Each episode running on Sun Music TV comes from different subjects and different concepts. Few episodes focus on latest hits, few of them focus on old songs, few of them come from viewer’s choice and, there are a lot more. Paattu.com is a TV show in which the makers telecast the favorite songs from the films of the Tamil Film industry.

The show brings to the audience the sense of old cinema and, the beauty of history of the Tamil music industry. The TV show Paattu.com brings to the audience old, traditional and, evergreen songs of the hit Tamil language films sung by hit and evergreen singers and also the latest hits chosen by the viewers. VJ Pooja Bio coming soon... >> Read More... VJ Pooja who is one of the most successful VJs in the entertainment industry and, Micky who is termed as the most successful VJ and is also a chef and comedian, hosted this show. The hosts of the TV show took into consideration the choices of the viewers. VJ Pooja and, VJ Micky took to the TV screens the comments, choices and question-answers asked by the viewers of the show. Both of them would read each and, every comment made by the audience to consider their request or just to answer to them on a few questions. The audiences were free to make requests, comment on the show and, ask any questions from their favorite VJs.

The TV show attracted the younger lot of generation a little more due to the open opinion and its social media connect. Both the VJs handled all the requests, opinions, questions and overall show with great patience and, love. The audience loved watching the TV show mixed with their favorite songs. The show had the complete track of all the songs from old to new. Paattu.com received a huge amount of love from the audience. The audience enjoyed the moment when their questions were read by the VJs and were also entertained by them.