Tamil Tv Show Paatti Vaithiyam

Paatti Vaithiyam  Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

'Paati Vaithiyam’ is a show, which aired on Vijay TV, a Tamil channel, from December 2015 to February 2016. The show was hosted by the famous TV personality and actress Revathy Sankaran. Paati Vaithiyam in English means ‘Prescriptions by Granny’. The show, commences with a melodious song by Revathy herself, and then she puts some light on various health problems. Right from minor health issues to beauty tips, she has home remedies for everything. Those natural ways for leading a healthy life grabs audience attention at a great extent.

Each episode of Paati Vaithiyam has a different concept to share. The show tries to reveal the importance and uses of natural herbs. Revathy is also a Harikatha storyteller and a very good singer. Her knowledge grasping nature can be easily identified from the show. She says that, “Life is short and there is a lot to learn. We have to fine tune ourselves, otherwise we may lose our individuality in the social milieu.”