Tamil Tv Show Paarambariya Samayal

Paarambariya Samayal Tamil TV SHOWS on MAKKAL TV

Paarambariya Samayal is a Tamil language TV show. Makkal TV telecasted Paarambariya Samayal in the year 2012 for its viewers. The TV show Paarambariya Samayal is a special TV show for the Tamil viewers. Makkal TV telecasted Paarambariya Samayal under the list of its cookery television shows. Makkal TV has always come up with TV shows having different concepts for the Tamil viewers. Especially the cookery shows telecasted on the TV channel Makkal TV have an extremely different concept and design. Paarambariya Samayal was also a cookery TV show. The TV show was not like a regular cookery show in which only a few recipes of some dishes are taught. Paarambariya Samayal was actually to celebrate the rich heritage of Tamil. Food is one of the most prestigious heritages that Tamilians hold.

Paarambariya Samayal was a cookery show telecasted on Makkal TV to celebrate the love for food that the Tamil community has always had since the beginning. Paarambariya Samayal TV show was a show that brought to its audience the old and, famous traditional Tamil recipes. ‘ Sania’ who is a Tamil TV and film actress hosted the show. The set of the TV show Paarambariya Samayal even was kept way too traditional. It looked like an old village that is far from any of the modern development. The set of the TV show for each episode was kept same to give the audience the sense of old Tamil and traditional recipes. The host of the show in the beginning talked to the audience by welcoming them and sharing with them some views on the rich heritage of Tamil, love for food and, concept of the TV show.

Later on she invited the guest in each episode who was a famous chef or someone who knew about the traditional recipes or someone who has extreme passion for cooking. Then the guest started talking to the audience about the recipe they would make for that particular episode. He also enlightened the audience about the history, origin and, interesting stories regarding the dish. After this the guest started preparing his dish and, he used to tell the audience step by step the process of preparing that dish. Meanwhile the host kept on asking different questions regarding the recipe from the guest. Each episode they would prepare and, teach the audience a new but traditional Tamil dish. The audience of Makkal TV loved watching every episode of Paarambariya Samayal. The viewers learned about the history of their community and, also learned new ways of preparing an old and traditional tasty dish.