Tamil Tv Show Oru Varthai Oru Latcham Juniors Season 2

Oru Varthai Oru Latcham Juniors - Season 2 Tamil Tv shows on Vijay tv

Oru Varthai Oru Latcham Juniors Season 2 is an educational game show for students. It is a Tamil word show. The show is right now in its second preliminary level and is divided into 4 rounds. Two schools are chosen from those who have already cleared first preliminary level. Each school is represented by two students.

In the first round the participants are given two minutes to figure out five words relating to a particular topic. Initially, one of the students is allowed to give three clues for each word. For ever clue given, the student guessing the word is expected to say a word. Only then, the second clue can be obtained. The words given as clue have to be Tamil words only. Once the first two minutes are completed, the participants shift position, i.e., each student will have the opportunity to guess the word as well as give clues.

The second round is similar except for two changes – the words are not related to any topic and the words are jumbled. So the person giving the clues must first know the correct word and only then they can give correct clues such that the other student gets it right.

The third round is the Thirukural round. In this round, the student giving the clue can choose one word from the kural and give three clues and the other student must guess the entire kural. If he/she is not able to guess it in the first minute, then for the second minute another word from the same kural can be chosen and three clues can be given.

The last round is a round wherein within the stipulated time the teams can guess as many words as they can. For the first person guessing it will be 90 second and when they switch places it is 60 seconds. Depending on the scores, one of the teams moves into the next level.

This show is anchored by James Vasanthan James Vasanthan is a popular musician, TV host and >> Read More... James Vasanthan and is aired every Sunday at 5:00 PM in Vijay TV.

Another Version Of This Story:

OVOL (Oru Varthai Oru Latcham) Juniors – Season 2 is a show that enabled school students to participate and win a prize. Two students from each school formed a team to win the award. This Star Vijay’s show is modeled on 'What's the good word' program in the US. The host was James Vasanthan.

Play begins with an opening clue. Later on, teams of two players each compete over guessing the keyword with a list of related clues. The play always used to begin with a general clue. Two Chennai-based schools could participate in the show only if they clear the preliminary round.

After which, a school team comprising of two students had to clear four rounds successfully and enter the prize zone.