Tamil Tv Show Oru Thaayin Sabatham

Oru Thaayin Sabatham Tamil Tv shows on Zee tamil

Oru Thaayin Sabatham is a Tamil language TV show. Zee Tamil telecasted this TV show. The TV show is a special TV show telecasted for the Tamil viewers. Zee Tamil aired the TV show Oru Thaayin Sabatham in the year 2013. This TV show was a talk show. Oru Thaayin Sabatham is a TV show which is about parenting. The special TV show is about women who have raised their children as single mothers. The TV show focused on the beauty of parenting. As parenting is a beautiful aspect of any woman’s life, it is a major responsibility also. The women who have been raising their children alone be it for any reason like; her husband left her or divorced her or any other case. The woman who is a single mother has to fulfill a lot more duties than just being a normal mother.

The trauma of being alone plus the pressure of motherhood, earning a living and other tensions with which she has to fight every day. In the TV show Oru Thaayin Sabatham mothers who have been single-handedly raising their children were invited regardless of what profession or what part of society they come from. The children who have been raised by such single mothers were invited as well regardless of their belonging or profession. The women who grew their children with all the love, gratitude and, respect in spite of their own dreams being shattered became the guests of Oru Thaayin Sabatham. The single mothers have grown their children for a respectable position in the society they live in.

In the talk show these women and their grown up children came together to share their stories. The show portrayed the odds, hardships, pain and, struggles that all these mothers who have walked through different paths had to go through to become successful and, raise their children as good human beings. The only aspect that connected all these women was not just their power and strength but also being single. The mothers inspired the audience by telling them the stories of their hardships and bravery.

Uma Padmanabhan Uma Padmanabhan is among the first Television host >> Read More... who is a well-known face for Tamil TV, films and, news media industry was the anchor of this TV talk show. The show truly celebrated the power and the strength of the single mothers. Zee Tamil telecasted the show on the weekends at 8.30 p.m. Oru Thaayin Sabatham was indeed a hit TV show and truly loved by the Tamil audience.