Tamil Tv Show Oru Nimidam Please

Oru Nimidam Please Tamil tv-shows on PuthuYugam TV

Oru Nimidam Please is a Tamil language TV show. Puthuyugam TV telecasted this special TV show for a special purpose. Puthuyugam TV telecasted the TV show in the year 2014 for the youngsters of the country. The show had a different concept due to its specialty. Oru Nimidam Please is a TV chat show. Oru Nimidam Please had only specific kind of audience. The TV show had youngsters as its audience. The youngsters of the Tamil community of the country brought novelty to the TV show. The two hosts of the show welcome its audience, crack some jokes and, enlighten them with the topic of the discussion. Oru Nimidam Please is a TV chat show where in every episode the audience of the show who are youngsters discuss a topic.

The topic could be related to any political issue, current trends of the world, entertaining topics, debatable topics, topics which are sensitive, topics which no one wants to talk about and, the similar topics. The youngsters participate in Oru Nimidam Please in two groups; one of which speaks for the topic and the other lot of youngsters speak against the topic. The youngsters are the people who are either studying in high school, college or are of the same age group. Everyone participating in the discussion is given the right and, chance to share his or her views on the topics, any experiences they have had related to the same topic, analysis by them of that topic and, debate as in to speak for or against that issue.

There would also be some emotional and, sensitive topics on which the audience had to discuss. Oru Nimidam Please also had special episodes for their audience in which there was a different audience. In one episode many women were invited to the discussion. The women open- heartedly shared their stories and, experiences on life and strength of friendship. The show was about the youth, with the youth, of the youth and, for the youth only. The TV show covered a whole range of varied topic which was a lot more controversial for the people to talk about or even such topics which are considered a taboo in the society. The makers of the show sensitively handled all the views and, experiences of the youngsters on a different subject. The show was filled with energy due to its dynamic nature. Puthuyugam TV telecasted the show every Saturday for one hour from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.