Tamil Tv Show Nijangal

Everyone has problems in their life; some problems are hard to be solved. But just imagine that you are having some issues in your life; like unemployment, fight with your in-laws, issue on family properties, or any social anxiety, and you can go to the experts who can help solving problem without being biased on any side! Yes, that’s the show, Ninjangal which was launched on 24th October 2016 on SUN TV. The show has been produced by Vaidehi Ramamurthy and directed by Mani Sridhar. The show ran quite successfully and ended on 4th March 2017 with a good knot to its viewers.

The show came to the slot timing of 12:30 to 1:30 pm (IST), every Monday to Friday. The concept of this Tamil language show was to bring justice and thus it was also known as Reality Justice Show. The meaning of Ninjangal is Reality; the real problems are scrutinized and solved in the show itself. During the whole show, there have been 109 episodes focusing on different social topics. The whole show is hosted by the anchor Kushboo. The show had quite unique theme for its each episode; each episode has a pre-decided issue to solve.

In one of the episodes, the anchor of the show, Kushboo hosted the actor Dhanush and discussed the parenting and also his experience in handling and bringing up his child, where another contained the issue of Jallikattu. Like that, there were episodes emphasizing on very sensitive issues like extra-marital affairs, kidnapped victims, domestic violence, etc. There were also episodes where the social anxieties like the existence of slavery, problems of transgender, issues of framers committing suicides, etc. were put in the spotlight and were solved as well.

There were some emotional moments in the episodes as well like, in the episode where the condition of the Indian Gulf workers was shown, it was very tragic. There were some joyful episodes as well like the episode of women bike racers, the episode of most talented and lovable couple, etc. The show has seen the rainbow of all kind of emotions! In short, every kind of problem has been heard and resolved. After all, that’s the motto of the show, to show real life situations and to solve the problems related to it, and that’s what the meaning of the show even proclaims- ‘Ninjangal.’