Tamil Tv Show Nambinal Nambungal Season 2

Nambinal Nambungal Season 2 Tamil TV SHOWS on Zee Tamil

India is a place with a lot of superstitions and rituals. Some are good and some are bad. Nambinal Nambungal is a famous TV program which brings to light all such prevalent rituals and superstitions that still exist in our Indian society. They tell their audience the horror and supernatural stories that have occurred in the most interior villages. Most of the people are a fan of haunted and supernatural stories. Even in childhood one loves to read and hear stories about such haunted and spooky stories. It used to scare us and make us all freaked out but the thrill that one got while hearing can never be measured to anything. The stories may or not be believed by the audience but it is very much believed by the villagers who sometimes saw it with their own eyes or heard their close friend or family see it.

This show aims at all those horror movies loving audience who occasionally love to hear about real life scary stories. It is hosted by the popular and famous actor Nizhalgal Ravi Nizhalgal Ravi is a veteran actor in TV serials an >> Read More... , who is seen in many movies and is a very well known actor of Tamil Nadu. He narrates all the haunted supernatural stories that are believed and feared by the villagers residing in a particular area. The show goes to different interior villages in Tamil Nadu and tells stories on ghosts and superstitions that exist in that particular village and broadcast it on the show. It is very popular due to its authentic content which also has a rustic and earthy charm to it. It talk’s about the people who don’t follow the natural law of the universe and behave in a way that has no scientific explanation or answer to it. Some may term it fake and some may term it real.

The content of the show is not to make the audience believe in them or is not asking them to trust them. It just brings the story of these hidden villages with many hidden stories to its viewers.

Nambinal Nambungal season 2 is aired on Zee Tamil every Sunday at 930 pm. It is one of the best horror story narration shows in Tamil Nadu. Due to the perfect mix of amazing narration by Nizhalgal Ravi and nightmarish stories the show became a huge hit and was loved and watched by the people of Tamil Nadu.