Tamil Tv Show Nambinal Nambungal Season 1

Nambinal Nambungal Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil

Nambinal Nambungal was an Indian Tamil TV serial broadcasted on ZEE Tamil . It was directed by M.S Gopinath and music director was M.S Viswanathan. This show is quite successful as everything happening around does not have a logical reason; many activities are considered as paranormal.

This show presents paranormal activities and happenings in various parts of the India. A talented Tamil star 'Nizhalgal Ravi' is an anchor of this show. His charming looks, strengthened voice and horror stories keep the attention of viewers glued. Nambinal Nambungal shows mysteries which cannot be explained through scientific logic. It is still being aired on ZEE Tamil having huge fan following all around the country.